DOCTOR ATTACKS DOCTOR: Bizarre Incident in Cleveland suburb (first reported here)

BensimhonDressed in black and clutching a 12-inch metal pry bar, Dr. Georges “Yossi” Bensimhon (pictured at left) crouched in the bushes behind his son-in-law’s house in the early morning hours of Sept. 4.

Police say Bensimhon, an anesthesiologist from Allentown, Pa., had driven six hours to Cleveland Heights with intentions of administering the Big Sleep to Dr. Alan Hoffer, who is engaged in a bitter divorce with Bensimhon’s daughter, Danielle Bensimhon.

The attack was thwarted, however, when Hoffer, after stepping out his back door at 5:30 a.m., heard rustling behind him. The 66-year-old Bensimhon, garbed in a black mask and purple surgical gloves, swung the metal bar at Hoffer, hitting him repeatedly in the head and arms. Although bloodied and dazed, Hoffer, a neurosurgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, was able to overpower the 5-foot-7 Bensimhon and restrain him until his neighbors called police.

Cleveland Heights police charged Bensimhon, reportedly a veteran of the Israeli Army, with attempted aggravated murder, breaking and entering, and possession of criminal tools. Investigators recovered a backpack at the scene, apparently belonging to Bensimhon, that contained hypodermic needles and various injectable sedatives.

Law enforcement officials said they have not ascertained whether Danielle Bensimhon had prior knowledge of her father’s intentions. On the morning of the attack, Hoffer was planning to drive to the Cleveland airport to pick up his young daughter, who lives in North Miami Beach with Danielle. Hoffer and his estranged wife are involved in a custody battle over their daughter.

The couple are scheduled to begin their contested divorce trial on Sept. 30. Danielle, who moved to Florida two years ago, works as a realtor and is also a cantor at Temple Beth David in Palm Beach Gardens. She previously was a cantor at Congregation Bethaynu in Pepper Pike, an eastern suburb of Cleveland.

Hoffer’s father, Dr. Barry Hoffer, told police there had been problems between his son and Dr. Bensimhon in the past, “including threats.”

(Update) Dr. Bensimhon was indicted Sept. 12 in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on charges of kidnapping, felonious assault, attempted murder, and attempted aggravated murder.

7 thoughts on “DOCTOR ATTACKS DOCTOR: Bizarre Incident in Cleveland suburb (first reported here)

  1. Hopefully Dr. Bensimhon will not be trusted to administer anesthesia until this is resolved. He sounds like a real nutcase!

    1. He gets to go to Temple? Really? Guess he missed that part of the Torah that say thou shall not pre-pack a backpack full of knock out drugs, dressed as a masked ninja, drive through the night to hide out and stalk your ex son in law and bash in his head with a crowbar! To think that this crazed man almost left a little 7 year old girl parentless! Hoffers former wife had died of cancer when their daughter was just a baby. What kind of heartless animal is he? We can only hope that justice will be served for aggravated and attempted murder and he can have Temple in prison! I hope Dr. HOffer is able to have custody of his daughter, the Bensimhon family sounds a lil nuts!

  2. I’ve known Dr. Hoffer for several years. I can’t imagine he did anything to precipate this strange turn of events.

    1. How about he pre-planned the attempted murder to get rid of a problem ex to allow an easy path for his daughter to have full and sole custody? This is an open and shut case that fully rests on the old man who will be spending his days in the penitentiary for attempted murder. Ted Bundy seemed nice to all the women he lured, until he wrapped his hands around their necks! And like Bundy, Old Torah Toting Dad had a carefully laid plan that thankfully did not include being overpowered by a much younger and stronger man fighting for his survival! All the best to Dr. Hoffer and his girls!

    2. He is not nuts. He is a mean father of a spoiled daughter who probably told Daddy that her husband might be getting custody of their young daughter.

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